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Saul Peltier - Head Therapist 

BA Hons, Sports Massage Diploma

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My passion for sport has led me to where I am today. After realising that my chances of becoming a professional sportsman were declining, I decided to pursue a career in sport and trained to become a qualified PE teacher. I successfully completed a 4-year BA Hons PE QTS degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, graduating in 2005. 

Over the years, playing a variety of sports has seen me suffer from many niggles and injuries. This triggered an interest into how the body works, the cause of injuries and their prevention. I experienced first-hand the benefits of Sports Massage and Myofascial release early in my sporting career. Such was my enthusiasm that I decided to train as a Sports Massage Therapist and upon qualifying founded SP Sports massage therapy. 

If you’ve you had treatment in the past with temporary results or even no results at all? Or you’ve tried different types of treatment such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Osteopathy or Sports Therapy and each has had its own partial success but not left you pain free, then I can help. 

I combine theories and hands on techniques from multiple disciplines to help get you pain free. I look at your structural alignment, and listen to the description of your issue to analyse where pain initiates. I like to make sure you leave feeling better than when you came in. If I can find and address an underlying cause, treat a secondary issue in the same session or demonstrate self-care tips - then I will.”

Let's get the tension out of your body!"

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Levi  Peltier - Massage Therapist 

Sports Massage Level 3 Diploma

I have always enjoyed giving massages, but in 2018, after graduating from my football scholarship I decided to turn that interest into a career.

Being a Massage Therapist allows me to directly impact the health of my clients, and I find this very rewarding. As someone who has a long history of playing football, I know first-hand the benefits of deep tissue work. I didn’t want basic massage training or to perform spa work. I wanted to go beyond the skin, address the structure, and learn about the body as a functional being. My beliefs and approach to massage are not about how many techniques I am trained in, it is about how effective my skills are, and the positive healing effect it has on my patients.

My mission is to provide you with a quality deep tissue massage, customised to meet your specific individual needs. I combine theories and hands on techniques from multiple disciplines learnt through the SP Academy.


Throughout my Intensive training at SP Sports Massage Therapy, I am confident in my ability to relieve chronic pain and to ensure that my clients leave their first appointment more educated about their symptoms and in less pain from when they walked in.

I look forward to the opportunity to be part of your pain free journey

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