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Neck and Arm Pain

The most likely cause of neck pain is poor posture. Neck pain is very common particularly in people who sit at a desk or computer for many hours (including domestic use of unsupported laptops / tablets). The problem may be due to a trapped nerve due to a stiff joint or less commonly due to a prolapsed disc.

Pain itself can be a causative factor such as a sporting injury; a fall on to the arm or hand which can jar the neck; a whiplash injury in a car accident; prolonged sitting in a bad position (including falling asleep in an awkward position on the sofa!) and worry and stress. Although it can be scary to experience, neck pain is rarely caused by a serious illness and will often disappear within a week.

Stress and anxiety is a big factor in neck pain as we show stress in increased muscle tone or muscle spasm in the big neck muscles. When you look at someone who is stressed it often looks like their shoulders are raised up to their ears! Because the neck muscles attach between the neck and the shoulder blade and collar bone, neck pain often radiates to the arm.

For more information on the anatomy of the area, potential causes and systoms of neck and arm pains, take a look at our guide:

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